Data driven Facebook video ad creative that boosts CTR by 2X!

You've tried copy and audience improvements, let us improve your creative!

Why do I need monthly video content?

  • Video increases email CTR by 3x resulting in your leads taking action.
  • You don't need a script. Give us an idea of what you want to be created and we'll take care of it.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • Superhero turnaround times within 7 days (traditional video editing can take 3-4 weeks).
  • Completely hands-off, let us do the hard work creating video ads for you each month.

Traditional Video Production

The traditional video production agency process is broken and inefficient. The average UK video production agency charges start at £4000 per month. Then there's the 100's of hours a month researching and interviewing different video agencies or freelancers.

Smart Video Ad Creative

Leverage the new cost efficient way of creating sales boosting videos to sell your products and services on Facebook and Youtube. Cut down hours spent sourcing and editing video content and ask us what you want through our online project management system and we'll make it happen!

“Mark kept us informed throughout the process and made several outstanding recommendations that were carried through into the finished videos. I would absolutely recommend Mark to any business that wants to develop their online presence using visual mediums as his work and work ethic are both excellent.”
James Boyes Coo.Trustist.com

Facebook Video

Increase conversion for your Facebook campaigns and BATTLE BANNER BLINDNESS with fresh Facebook and Instagram video ads each month. Our experience of spending millions on mobile ads mean we create conversion centred ad creative to increase your sales.

“Mark did a great job for us at Wilderness Now creating videos to drive online sales and helping us develop innovative ways to leverage video in social media. ”
Dylan Fuller CEO

Youtube short form content

Talking heads videos are a great way to capture Youtube viewer's attention. This can be used to advertise your product, service and upload to your channel. We can edit and split your footage up to 20+ variations for your video ad campaigns too.

“Overall I had an exceptional experience”

“I worked with More Video on a video ad for a new product for use on social media advertising campaigns. Overall I had an exceptional experience, Mark worked closely with me on developing initial ideas and listened closely to feedback, particularly with regards to specific regulations that limited how we could advertise the product.”

Dan Hawkins Senior search and social manager

Here are a few of our favourites we've increased sales for through video marketing.

July Video Packages

Choose Lite, Regular or Quarterly for regular video content

Lite Trial

£59930 day trial (leading to regular monthly package)
  • 2x video ad concepts.
  • Up to 10x edit variations (to test on Facebook ads)
  • (15 second limit per video ad)
  • Up to 3 revisions per video.
  • 2x custom display image ads.
  • Edit your existing images or footage.
  • First draft within 7 days.
  • 14-day turnaround per video.
  • Text captions on videos.

Regular (most popular)

  • 2x video ads concepts per month.
  • • 1x 20-30 second video.
  • • 1x Custom Video 12-15 second edit.
  • • 5-10 testing variations per month (month 2 onwards)
  • Provide stock footage (or work with your existing footage)
  • Up to 3 edit revisions per video.
  • 7-day turnaround per video.
  • Facebook ad compliant.
  • Image and copy variations
  • 2x Custom-Designed Images.


£1499 Quarterly (£1797 when paid monthly)
  • 7-day turnaround per video.
  • 2x video ads concepts per month including:
  • • 1x 20-30 second video.
  • • 1x Custom Video 12-15 seconds.
  • • 1x Custom retargeting Video 6 seconds.
  • • 10-20 testing variations per month (month 2 onwards)
  • Provide stock footage or work with your existing footage.
  • Up to 3 edit revisions per video.
  • • 4x Custom-Designed Images.
  • • Video scripts included (1-2 hours of added value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!
  • Have you ever tried to create a video? Write a script or storyboard? There are many steps involved. You have to find the images or footage, sign up to each of the stock image/videos, music websites (and pay for each of them). You have to source music, edit and make changes. Or, you could order from us through our easy to use project management system!
  • We do all of our communication through our online project management system, this ensures we don’t miss any detail about your project and also allows us to keep a lower cost to pass on to you.
  • We tend to work best in the following industries that have an easily identifiable visual! If this isn’t listed, why not try us!
    •SAAS or software as a service.
    •Online marketplaces Travel.
    •Automotive Finance.
    •Digital marketing agencies or specialists e.g UX or Conversion rate optimization.
  • We can’t work with competing video content services for obvious reasons :-)
  • Running video ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram ads, Youtube (Google Adwords) is one way to generate sales through video content. Consistent video content publishing will help spread your social media footprint and also ensure you’re building up a following so that your followers are engaged with fresh new content.
  • We offer content as a service, and as such don’t offer any kind of results from the video content we produce. Generally, we suggest that you allocate a paid media budget for video content to ensure you get the reach and distribution to generate an ROI from video content marketing.
  • We love dollar shave club and squatty potty as great examples of viral video content. Unfortunately we don’t have a film crew in our cupboard waiting to be unleashed! We DO however edit those videos all day and add text captions as part of your subscription. If this is what you’re after you’d be better off picking a local video production studio than using us.
  • No catch, we work with lots of clients and offer a quick turnaround service to keep the price low. If you want something custom such as a custom explainer animation video we can do that for an extra cost by enquiring here.
  • Our videos are maximum 30 seconds to offer a competitively priced service and for a quick turnaround.
  • We can turnaround your video in less than one week. If you’re video order is for multiple videos we ask you allow up to two weeks from submitting your brief.